Hustle: Do the Hustle! A very versatile dance for today’s music - can be danced to popular artists like Jennifer Lopez and Janet Jackson in addition to disco hits from the 1970’s. The Hustle features a lot of turns and circular movements, and is sometimes danced in a slot. It’s flashy, quick and fun!

Marianna di Lorenzo

Marianna is the owner of Simply Dance Studio and is certified by the U.S. Terpsichore Association. Marianna trained with:

-          Rick Pride, former U.S. Salsa Champion and former U.S. Hustle Champion;

-          Jaana and James Kunitz, U.S. Latin Dance Finalists;

-          Julia Gorchikova and Bob Powers, who hold the record for most U.S. Dance Championships won by a dance partnership;

-          Tony Ridpath and Michael Meade, four-time undefeated U.S. Ballroom Champions, and many more.

Marianna’s goal is to share her dance knowledge so our community can come together and enjoy ballroom dancing.




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